Young Justice: Ghost Key (Chapter 3 - Destruction)

Mount Justice
Kaldur was worried. He had just met Roy and it had not gone well. He had hoped that time would help Speedy adjust to his new reality. But Roy’s customary hotheaded nature was morphing into hatred and black anger. He was using drugs to combat the pain.
Back on Atlantis, he had seen people succumbing to magic overdoses when they went through a difficult time. Such people were left alone, in their shame. There was no place for the weak among their warrior culture. But, on the surface world, things were different. He had learned that humans responded well to the concern and advice of their loved ones.
That approach did not seem to be working with Roy. He seemed his usual cocky self only in the presence of Jade, and Kaldur wasn’t sure if that was helping or hurting him. As a last resort, he wanted to speak with Miss Martian to check if any telepathic remedy existed for Roy’s condition.
Recognized: Aqualad, B-07
In the main hall, Miss Martian was floating in the air, a candle in front of her. He knew she was practicing meditation. He decided to find Superboy.
Conner was in the gym, balanced on one hand. He had somewhat managed to look graceful.
“Learning new techniques?”
“Trying to branch out. Wonder Woman has been teaching me some Amazonian battle forms.” Conner flipped and stood, not quite landing as gracefully. "Says she could take out Superman with it."
“I have learned that battle forms serve me greatly in a fight. Good luck with that.” Kaldur smiled.
Conner rubbed the back of his head. “So what’re you doing here?”
“Actually, I wished to – ”
Kal and Conner took off toward the main hall. M’gann was already at the computer.
“I’ve got co-ordinates for an attack in Central City! But the thing is – ”
“ - We don’t get alerts here anymore,” Conner said flatly.
This was true. They worked as a team rarely, and only in emergency situations alerted to them by their mentors.
“This bypassed the Watchtower alerts.”
Kaldur was taken aback. “That’s impossible.”
“We don’t have time to wonder about this. We need to do something if the League isn’t going to,” Conner growled.
Kaldur straightened up. “Superboy is right. M’gann, call the others and link us up as soon as you are able. We shall check this out. Any ID on the perpetrator?”
“Not yet. We’ll have to do this ourselves. I’m programming the zeta tubes.”
Feeling the familiar reverberation of Miss Martian’s mental link, he stood next to Conner near the zeta tubes.

Central City - Museum
They convened with the rest of the team near the corner from the museum. Wally and Artemis arrived in a flash of red and green.
“No answer from Robin. And he’s outside my telepathic range.”
They heard the sound of gunfire in the distance.
“No time to wait for Robin. Kid, clear the officers – we don’t want the bullets to hit one of us accidently. Artemis, attack long-range from above. Miss M, stay in camouflage mode. Conner and I will attack first.” In spite of the situation, even the generally stoic Kal felt a stir of something akin to excitement.
They immediately moved. Wally disappeared in a blur. Conner took a running jump and a small thud could be heard where he landed. M’gann simmered, and then disappeared. Artemis used an arrow to haul herself to the rooftop. Kaldur ran toward the entrance.
He saw empty police cars and a figure in a purplish hood standing at the entrance. He wore billowy robes, which swayed gently in the wind.
“Stand down and give yourself up.” As leader it was his responsibility to issue the warning, although in his experience, it had never worked.
The figure finally faced him fully. It was a serpentine looking man with pale blue skin and a strap across his chest. The man grinned. “I have better things to be doing. Let’s get this over with.”
“Get him after I take a run at him,” he heard Wally say.
By the time he readied himself, there was a red blur and the man Wally by the throat.
Instantly, an arrow hit the man, spitting gas in his face. The man seemed unaffected. He only smirked and Kaldur heard Wally squeak as the grip on his neck was tightened.
“Can’t get free! Strong grip…throat!”
Kaldur chose that moment to attack, along with Superboy. The man flung Wally away and outstretched an arm, arresting Conner in mid-jump. He ducked to avoid Kal’s water blades, and kicked him in the chest. Kaldur felt his spine shake.
“I can’t get free. I think he’s using magic, Superman said our abilities don’t react well with it,” Conner said. He sounded very angry.
“My telepathy isn’t working either, I just keep hitting a wall of blackness!”
“Artemis, perhaps you should join us on the ground, we need reinforcements.” Kaldur got up and saw Miss Martian gently lowering Wally to the ground.
Artemis and Wally attacked at the same time. She launched an arrow at him that he easily avoided, but Wally caught it and hit him in the chest with it, speeding away. The arrow released a red foam that was slowly hardening. Miss Martian held him in a psychic grip to prevent him from moving. However, he still had a struggling, frothing Conner in his outstretched grip.
Kaldur took a running jump to daze him, so that would release Superboy. He managed to graze his arm, but it made little difference. The foam seemed to be giving him no trouble.
Kaldur swore inwardly. “This is not going as planned.”
“Duh, yeah! Our biggest hitter is out of commission, and my arrows feel like toys!” Artemis sounded on edge.
Suddenly, the man’s eyes reddened and he shook off M’gann’s psychic grip. In the blink of an eye, he stood next to Wally and swatted him into the air. Kaldur ran towards Artemis, knowing that she would be susceptible to broken bones, if not worse, if she were on the receiving end of one of those blows. As it is, Wally crumpled to the ground.
Still holding an outstretched arm towards Superboy, the man swiped the air. He heard Miss Martian holding her head in pain ("It doesn't feel - ") before collapsing to the ground. He smashed Conner in the ground. Superboy's wail of rage resonated in all their ears.
Kaldur felt a chill up his spine as the man finally looked at him. The man jabbed his chest several times in fast succession, and finally kicked him with enough force to send both him and Artemis flying toward the wall. At the last second, Kal managed to twist in the air to prevent her from being smashed in the middle, but as they fell down, she still took the brunt of the impact on her back.
Through a daze, Kal looked up to see Superboy once again being pounded into the ground.
“The name’s Eclipso, by the way,” the man said as he kicked Kaldur in the face. “Nice to meet you.”
The world faded to black.

Mount Justice
“WHO THE HELL WAS THAT GUY?” Wally raged, as he sat on the couch, holding Artemis’s head in his lap.
“He said his name was Eclipso, didn’t he?” Conner said solemnly. Miss Martian floated next to him, looking despondent.
“I think the more important question is, why did we get the alert? This mission seems more suited to the League, we don’t have any magic users to counteract a foe such as this,” said Kaldur. He had an increasingly bad feeling about this.
“I can’t get in contact with anyone from the League, or with Robin,” M’gann said, a worried frown on her face.
Artemis sat up. “Why did he leave us alive? It doesn’t make sense. And we are not ready to face him again. This is beyond our pay grade.” She shifted closer to Wally, wincing slightly. “I can’t get through to Ollie or Dinah. We really need to get in touch with the League.”
“About that. There’s something you need to see.” M’gann had a petrified expression on her face.
“This is really, really bad.”

YJ Fic: Ghost Key

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